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Decorating Ideas for Fireplace Mantels and Walls This Fall

The air is getting crisp with the fall weather. It’s time to start thinking about cleaning out your fireplace and firing it up for the new fall season. Along with cleaning your fireplace you might also want to think about how you are going to decorate the mantel and the walls that surround it. A cozy fireplace is the perfect setting to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Our friends are DIY Network have created a list of some ideas for your home. We hope you are inspired after you read these tips below.


Get traditional, modern and country decorating tips for filling your fireplace mantel.

By Barbara Raskauskas More in Decorating

A fireplace can be a focal point in any room of the home. What is placed on the fireplace mantel and the wall disguising the chimney can balance the setting and further qualify the fireplace as a focal point. Choose decorating pieces based on the depth of the mantel, the makeup of the chimney wall (like plaster or brick), and the decor of the room. Look for pieces to display that are large enough to balance the size of the fireplace.


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