Keeping Your Home Green

10 Ways To Keep Your Home Green


1. Keep hot air and cool air in your home by keeping the blinds and curtains closed.

2. Turn off the water when you and your family are brushing your teeth.

3. Make sure to keep a collection of canvas or reusable plastic bags on hand to take to the grocery store. Keep a small collection in your car as well.

4. Make a trip to your local farmer’s market. By buying local you are cutting down on greenhouse gases produced from transporting produce to your local stores.

5. Keep your fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. There are even refrigerators now that will beep when not properly closed.

6. Unplug and turn off power strips to appliances you are not using during the day and night. They use power even in stand-by mode.

7. Buy or make an air-drying rack for your backyard instead of using the dryer.

8. Make sure to use your recycle bin. If you do not have one provided by your local trash service create a bin and take the recyclables to a local processing plant. You can also compost your kitchen scraps and use the compost in your garden.

9. Check the seals on your windows to make sure you are keeping cold/hot air out of your home. Also check the seal on your refrigerator.

10. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. You can also install lights that will automatically turn off when movement stops in a room.

There are many simple things we can do to help save the planet and save some green in your wallet.

Michael Baum

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