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I met Long Beach CA remodeling contractor Michael Baum (owner of Baum Construction & Development) at a networking event. When I told him I did blogging and social media for small businesses, he asked me to do some blog posts for him. I agreed and when I sat down with him to discuss his intended outcome for these blog posts, his intention was different than I’d thought.

Most small businesses that want to do blogging have one goal in mind: to get more clients. However, Baum had one very different goal in mind: to educate homeowners.

Baum has been in the home construction industry for over 30 years, including new home development. He’s worked on thousands of projects and experienced hundred of thousands of unique sets of circumstances on these jobs that he’s had to work through.

When I went along with him for a typical day’s work, I learned a lot about him, about home construction, about customers, about Long Beach and about business. If I had to sum it all up into one lesson I learned, it would be: You get what you pay for.

Sure, my dad always said this to me and I understand it when it comes to simple things like shoes, electronics…or any item purchased at the fair. But I never quite understood it when it comes to a high ticket, high involvement and highly personal thing like getting part (or all) of your home remodeled.

In a process like this, there are so many moving parts, so many personalities, budgets, schedules, conversations, and transactions it’s almost an art to manage it all.

5-Part Series – You Get What You Pay For

To share what I learned about the Home remodeling process, I will be writing a 5 post series explaining what I mean by “you get what you pay for.” I’ll make each post educational and informative about the world of home renovation. If and when you are the one who faces the important, yet overwhelming task of increasing your homes value (or just increasing the comfort of your living space), you will know what to ask, what to expect and most importantly . . . what to pay for!

Here is a sneak peek at the topics that I’ll cover:

  • The Great Contractor Search – Where to find . . . and how to choose the best home remodeling contractor for you.
  • No Surprises! – Getting an accurate, reliable and complete estimate.
  • Left in the Dust – Ensuring you won’t be abandoned half way through your home remodeling project
  • Saving Money – When “saving money” is actually costing you money
  • Guarantees – What to expect, what to ask for and how to guarantee you get what you pay for

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local lawn mowing service March 22, 2013 at 10:17 am

Getting an accurate, reliable and complete estimate is very important.

VIP September 7, 2013 at 3:07 pm

I’ve not seen another long beach remodeling contractor offer these same four guarantees.

Sal September 10, 2013 at 8:55 am

“You get what you pay for”. Boy, that is the truth especially with a contractor.

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