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Home Remodeling Activity is Up 10 Percent Since 2011

Home Remodeling Starts Are On The Rise

Good news for the home remodeling and construction industry, as evidenced by a recent report in the BuildFax Remodeling Index. It says that home remodeling activity is up 10 percent. Permits to start home remodeling projects have increased even with a slight decline in February.

Year-Over-Year Breakdown

Here’s how the numbers stack up by regions of the country:

  • Midwest: Remodeling starts up 15 percent
  • West: Remodeling starts up 12 percent
  • South: Remodeling starts up 10 percent
  • Northeast : Remodeling starts down 9 percent

Read more about what the BuildFax Remodeling Index (BFRI) is based on and what it means to you by visiting our friends at

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