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Get Your Home Ready for Summer!

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Summer is around the corner and we want to make sure you are ready.

8 Steps for Making Your Home Ready for Summer

  • A/C Tune-up – Get a professional tune up for your A/C. A professional can make sure everything is running smoothly, checking for leaks and damage. Check-out DPL Air Conditioning in Anaheim, CA.
  • Check Air Filters -This step goes right along with checking your A/C. Making sure your your heating and A/C vents are working properly is important, as well. Check the directions for proper washing and drying. They usually only need to be cleaned every few years, so this will save you money.
  • Use Appliances Less – Think twice about turning on that oven. Instead, consider using the grill. Using your other appliances at night – like your washer/dryer and dishwasher – can also reduce cost, energy usage, and humidity in the air
  • Clean Fans – Cleaning the ceiling and portable fans will reduce dust in the air and will make sure they are running at their maximum efficiency.
  • Add Shade – Plant shrubs and trees that create more shade in your yard and around your house. Also consider tinting your windows – or adding curtains or shutters.
  • Check Your Screens – Make sure you keep those bugs out of your house while you keep the windows open to enjoy that cool summer night air. Clean the screens with soap and water – and have any holes repaired.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat – When you install a programmable thermostat, you can make sure your home is
    • Always saving energy while you are away
    • Comfortable when you get home at night.
  • Have a List of Numbers Ready – When something breaks in your home – and all else fails – make sure to have the numbers of your favorite service professionals. Consider including a Plumber, an Electrician, a Heating & AC Repairman, and a General Handyman. Have Baum Construction & Development on your list under general contractors in Long Beach, CA. :)


7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer
Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

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